Sinatras is a project that was born from an idea of Emanuele Zilio (guitar player for 20 years in Italian Metal/Hardcore band Strange Corner). Its music consists in a classic but yet personal Death'n'Roll that might be appreciated by Carcass, Entombed, Pantera and Hatebreed fans (just to mention a few bands that inspired Sinatras' sound). The band features expert musicians with different musical roots (members from Strange Corner/HC band, Kani/Hard R’n’R band, Hypnotheticall/Prog Metal, High Bridge/Progressive Death Metal Band), skilled people who have been involved in the underground scene for many years and can be defined the representatives of the North-Eastern Italy thriving Rock/Metal scene, unfortunately often underestimated: it allowed the band to write songs with very strong themes, gathering together the influences of all components. In less than five months, thanks to the experience both live on stage and during the studio recording sessions, the band writes and records the first six demo tracks called "Six•Sexy•Songs". The EP was conceived to be the key to find a label deal for the debut CD. One year later, the band records the 11 tracks that compose the first official full-length album called “Drowned”, to be released for italian label LOGIC IL LOGIC Records, distributed by Andromeda Dischi, promoted by Atomic Stuff Promotion and supported by booking agency Jack Rock. The album, a concentrate of Thrash, Death, HC mixes the old school attitude with the freshness of Rock'n'Roll, and contains impact songs with catchy choruses and immediate appeal.


CD - Drowned - 2017


Final Solution is an Italian band founded by Fabio Pedrali (guitar) and Andrea Gorio (drums) in June 2011. By the end of the same year the line-up is completed by vocalist Claudio Olivari, rhythm guitarist Alessandro Martinelli and bass player Gabriele Savoldi. In the early years, the band focuses on playing Melodic Death Metal covers, especially Swedish bands like Soilwork, At The Gates, In Flames, Arch Enemy, etc. After a year of live shows, Andrea moves to England and the band replaces him with Marco Carli temporarily. The band finally finds out the official drummer in spring 2014, when Gianluca Borlotti joins the band. With this line-up, Final Solution have finally the chance to write the songs of their debut album. Recordings start in June 2015 at Atomic Stuff Studio, but just before recording the vocal tracks Claudio decides to leave the band. After a few months, Mario Manenti joins the band as new lead singer. This line-up change moves the band from a pure Death metal style to a more melodic sound. Mario starts recording the new vocals in January 2016. In June 2016 the band signs with logic(il)logic Records for the distribution and promotion of the debut album “Through The Looking Glass”.


CD - Through The Looking Glass - 2016


Forklift Elevator is a Metal Band from Italy with a great live attitude and a peculiar style: due to the personal influences of each band member, every song presents clear references to different metal genres and periods, but still with a definite sound. The first line up is formed in 2009 as a cover project, but after a long period of live shows in both live clubs and open air festivals the band restarts in 2012; in that moment, three of the five members quit, due to personal issues, freezing the development of the original songs. With only two members left, Mirco Maniero (rhythm guitar) and Enrico Martin (Vocals), the search for new band mates is really fast and in six months the new line-up is completed by Andrea Segato (Drums), Stefano Segato (Lead guitar and backing vocals) and Marco Daga (bass). Back on the Italian scene, the band takes part to many music contests on both local and national basis with great results. In January 2015 “Borderline”, the first self-registered and produced album, is released and it's now available online on Soundcloud and on the official website; the first video “Dream Reaper” can also be found on Youtube. The band signs with Atomic Stuff Promotion. After the release of "Borderline" the band faces another important line-up change. The singer Enrico makes way for guitarist Stefano and the band welcomes Uros, who will join Mirco as the second guitar. At the end of 2015 the new line-up enters the recording studio to realize its second work "Killerself" and signs with logic(il)logic Records.


CD - Killerself - 2016


Moth's Circle Flight is a Metal band from Parma, which has been able to differentiate itself thanks to the energy and passion that belong to the 6 members. The band shared the stage with artists such as Sepultura, Extrema, Guilty Method, Exilia and many others. Moreover, they took part to important events like Colonia Sonora, International Fest of Collegno (Turin, Italy) and won several music competitions. So far, the band has released two EPs and one full length album before “My Entropy”.


CD - My Entropy - 2016


After Apocalypse project was born on July 2014 thanks to opera singer Elena, rhythmic guitarist Seba and clarinetist Varghar, also on backing vocals. By the end of the same year, the line-up is completed by drummer Al, lead guitarist Zendra and Megres on bass. The band aims to stand out from the overfilled symphonic metal scene for its ability to represent several metal subgenres (gothic, doom, death, folk, black), following each member's musical tastes and maintaining a peculiar orchestral mark. In 2015, the line-up is fully stabilized and After Apocalypse debuts live.


CD - After Apocalypse - 2015


Pierlorenzo Molinari, Antonio Manenti, Alberto Armanini. Singer, guitar player and keyboardist, friends since forever but separated by years of musical collaborations, projects and bands. In September 2013, on a glorious Monday, just like the poles of a magnet pushed by its attraction, they decide to put a stop to the past, full of uninspiring projects, and write together the first chapter of a new story: Kezia. The fusion of three such different souls creates an instinctive music, a pastiche of influences, feelings, scents. Rock, progressive, swing, soul, electro and pop. In two words: prop-metal. The structure is prog, expanding its melodic variations with pop freshness. The musical inspirations are numerous and so heterogeneous, from the rock of Queen and Deep Purple to the metal of Protest The Hero and Dream Theater, through the genius of Faith No More, Frank Zappa, Ylvis and the taste of Toto. The project is a huge container that mixes so many different influences in a unique, unpredictable sound. On 2015, with Michele Longhena on drums and Daniele Longhena on bass, Kezia complete the line-up and start working on new songs, while promoting the EP through several live shows, which is considered by the band as the main way to fully understand Kezia’s idea of music. The idea for the next album is to evolve the sound content in "The Dirty Affair" into something more mature, without straying the immediacy which characterizes their brand. The long-term goal is to spread as much as possible their music, trying to involve foreign listeners and organize a tour outside of Italy to meet new people to share the incredible passion for music.


CD - The Dirty Affair - 2015


The band was founded in summer 2010; through the years, Gabriel Grisanti is the only member from the original line-up who's still in the band. He started as guitar player, but soon he took over the vocal parts as well, after several bad auditions with some singers. Still looking for a rhythm section, Gabriel found the name for the band while playing a '82 Gibson Explorer featuring pick-ups called “dirty fingers”: fascinated by their bold sleazy sound, he realized it perfectly denoted the songs he was creating and decided to keep it as moniker for the band. Once found the missing members, the first three tracks came to light: “250 Dollars”, “Back To The Move” and “Whiskey”. When drummer Giorgio Nuzzo joined in, the band experienced a moment of intense creativity, writing new songs such as “Dirty Fingers”, “I Am”, “Explosive Sound”, “Heroes’ Days”, “Black Magic Night” and “Nothingness Dance”, performing in several Italian cities and also having its songs broadcast on independent New York-based radio “IradioUSA”. However, some line-up problems forced the band to stop and suspend the recording process of its debut album. When guitarist Riccardo Menini and bass player Edoardo Micheloni joined the band, the guys entered the studio drawing the attention of label logic(il)logic Records, with which they inked a deal in November 2014 to release the debut album “250 Dollars”.


CD - 250 Dollars - 2015


After a couple of self-produced works and a first album (“Chaotic Age”) Embryo found its sound and went to Fear Studio to record its second cd “No God Slave” (2010) with producer Simone Mularoni. Salvatore Perrone directed 2 videos for the tracks “No God Slave” and “Flatterer Of Indifference”. This album has also received very good reviews (8/10 metallus.it, 10/10 truecultheavymetal.com, 6/7 metalnews.de….) and led the band to play new gigs in Switzerland, Germany and Italy and be part of Kung Fu Factory’s Supremacy MMA videogame soundtrack with 2 songs. After “No God Slave” the guitar player Eugenio had the honor to become Peavey endorser. In 2014 Embryo recorded a promo at Atomic Stuff Studio with Oscar Burato and signed a promotional deal with Atomic Stuff Promotion. In the meantime, Nicola Iazzi joined the band as the new bass player. In May, 2014, the band recorded the new cd at Domination Studio with Simone Mularoni. Fleshgod Apocalypse's drummer Francesco Paoli played all the drums. During the summer they played main stage at Masters of Rock, the biggest open air festival in Czech Republic, and Total Metal Festival in Italy. In October Embryo signed a deal with logic(il)logic Records for the release of the new, self titled, full-length album and the reissue of “No God Slave” with some bonus tracks. In December they made a little tour in Eastern Europe. The be(a)st is yet to come!


CD - Embryo - 2015


Saints Trade project was born in Bologna in 2009 with a great will to play music and a sheer passion for glorious Hard Rock bands. After several vicissitudes, in 2010 Claus joined the band, contributing new ideas and sounds thanks to his remarkable guitar playing style. From that moment on, the band started composing its own material and performing live around Italy. After some line-up changes throughout the years, the band got the great opportunity to play at Fleetwoodstock Festival (Fleetwood, UK) in November 2011, as opening act for famous British hard-rockers Ten. The enthusiastic response of the audience to the songs gave Saints Trade an encouragement to enter the studio in April 2012 and record “A Matter Of Dreams”, their first mini-album produced by the legendary Roberto Priori at his Pri Studio. Shortly after, the histrionic bass player Matteo Angelini joined Saints Trade on a permanent basis. With him, the band continued performing live to support the album and get positive feedback from the audience. In early 2013, Saints Trade presented the official video for the song “Face In The Mirror” and opened for British rockers Jettblack in Bologna. Once again, the positive audience response gave the guys a good reason to re-enter the studio. Saints Trade and Roberto Priori got to team up in June 2014, giving birth to Saints Trade's second album called “Robbed In Paradise”. The album features various special guests - Roberto Priori himself, the talented keyboard player Pier Mazzini (Perfect View) and the virtuoso Tommy Denander (Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper, Toto, Robin Beck, House Of Lords…). In November, a new chapter of Saints Trade's project has started with the signing for logic(il)logic Records.


CD - Robbed In Paradise - 2015


The Sticky Fingers Ltd. is a rock band from Vignola (Modena, Italy), formed in 1996 by guitarist Lorenzo Mocali, initially with the name Sticky Fingers, a power trio dedicated to 70’s–era blues rock, heavily influenced by The Rolling Stones, Faces, Humble Pie, Beatles, Cream and Lynyrd Skynyrd amongst the others, their sound was characterized by a hybrid of blues, hard rock and psychedelic rock and the live performances displayed a tight band performing classic rock and blues standards with lengthy jams that gained the band a good reputation. They played all over Emilia Romagna and in Northern Italy, also on some prestigious stages, and after some self-produced demos (containing revisited songs from the 70’s and some originals) the band took a hiatus and the musicians were involved in other musical projects before the group reassembled and changed the name in The Sticky Fingers Ltd. In 2013. The new line-up consists of Lorenzo Mocali, guitars and vocals, Flash, band’s drummer since 1999 and the new entries Jaypee on bass and Inch on guitar. The sound is now more rock oriented with snarling guitars and a killer drums/bass groove, pumping a compact and dense sound that leads to the composition of new adventurous songs they decide to record during the winter/spring of 2014.In August they find a perfect partner in logic(il)logic Records and sign with them.


CD - Sticky Fingers LTD - 2014


Inside the Hole is a Sicilian Rock 'n' Roll/Blues band from Montemaggiore Belsito, a small town located in the hinterland of Palermo. The project has been set up in winter 2009, but only in summer 2010 it took shape and consistence thanks to several concerts in the hinterland, where the band performed some original songs. The new-born rock/blues band is a trio composed by Roy Zappia, who plays both the vocalist and the guitarist role, Emanuele Cutrona on bass and Alessio Runfola on on drums. The different musical background of the three members creates a particular alchemy that can be deeply perceived during their extraordinary live performances. During November 2011, Inside the Hole recorded the first album “Beer! Sex! ...And Fuckin’Roll” featuring 10 songs at Dabliurec Studio (Palermo, Italy). The album received excellent reviews and positive comments and interviews from national music magazines, regional, national and international radios and web-radio, but especially from rockers and listeners. The band promoted the album with several concerts. In February 2012 the promotional work went international, with a few songs being featured on different compilations: “Riot on Sunset” vol. 29 by 272 Records (USA), “Mondo Metal Compilation” by MondoMetal Webzine (ITA), ”Demo Invasion” by ScreamRadio Rock Station (ITA). In April 2012 the song “Love Me Baby” reached the TOP 20 on SH ROCK, SH Music Media’s chart. From June until the first week of July 2012 the band did its first European Tour through 7 nations: Bulgaria, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, as support band of thrashers Amethyst. In September 2012, the band took part in Music Village and in November toured Spain. After the tour, the band decided to leave its hometown and moved to Milan, to increase the number of fans. In March 2014 the band signed a deal with logic(il)logic, entered Atomic Stuff Studio (Isorella, Brescia, Italy) and re-registered some parts of the debut album, now called “Impressions”.




Ashes of Chaos was born as a metal cover band in late 2008. Influenced by the common love for progressive metal, the band's members start writing original songs. As long as they grow up both as musicians and band, they completed their debut album, the concept "Eye". They are inspired by some great names of the progressive metal scene such as Pain of Salvation, Opeth, Tool, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Mastodon, Goblin. They are also influenced by the individual and personal music preferences (funk, jazz, classical music and much more) that can be found in their songs.


CD - EYE - 2013


A forbidden love, a fight among noble families to control the feud, an era that wrote its own history with blood. In this scenario, in 1504 AD, an alley in "Forum Cornelii" (Imola, Italy) was theatre of a bloody battle that left a mark in the collective imagination and transformed the name of that narrow pavement in "Vicolo Inferno". 500 years later, even if with different nuances, our modern times preserve the same raw edges and passion in human relationships and an identical game of political power that disorients and confuses people. There is no time to think and breathe, everything travels at exasperated speed and the gap between man and his soul takes the form of an incurable fracture. Only destiny, fate or perhaps simple case, favored the meeting of the two founding members of the band, Igor and Marco. Immediately the rehearsal room became a receptacle where to pour sweat and visceral passion for music, in the form of covers of the biggest bands of the genre. A short time later, the first demo "Fire Coverz" came out to promote their live activity. In 2005, the desire to undertake a brand new musical production and to get involved as songwriters began to emerge. The first four original songs, born from improvised riffs and vocal lines roughed out on an voice recorder, were collected in the demo "Hell's Alley”. The following years, marked by intense live performances, competitions and awards, saw also several line-up changes in the rhythm section that slowed down the project. With Daz on bass joining the line-up, the band got the right propulsion to complete the new original songs included in the band's first full-length album "Hourglass", completed in 2012. A strong and heterogeneous sound, where Hard Rock meets Metal, that highlights individual artistic influences of all the group members, who poured their musical background in the constant search for a new rock trademark. In 2013, the band signed a contract with logic(il)logic Records and on May 28th “Hourglass” saw the light of the day. In March 2014, the promotional tour for Hourglass continued with 6 gigs in the UK. In 2016, with a brand new line-up including Michele Gollini on drums and Wallace (ex-Showstripsilence) on bass, the band completed the writing and recording processes of its second album “Stray Ideals”.




The band was founded in 2010 under the name of Metal Federal Reserve and was initially composed of four musicians, Andrea Brambilla (bass guitar), Alessandro Cannatelli (guitar), Gianmario Oliveri (drum) and Simone Picco (vocals). How easily guessed from the moniker, the main influences of the band can be found in hard rock and heavy metal, therefore all the songs featured an energetic hard&heavy sung in Italian. However, the composition phase gave rise to several disagreements, especially about the musical genre that in some cases was too "nostalgic": this was the turning point for the band. A few months later, the musician Samuel Cremonesi (guitar) joined the band. The new guitar fit easily in with the other members and a nice feeling among them was reached. Soon he realized, like the rest of the band had already ascertained, that the potentiality of the band couldn't be delimited by a genre so markedly tied to the past. In 2010, by mutual agreement, the band broke up for a period of "reflection". Andrea Brambilla and Alessandro Cannatelli, for years engaged in the project and aware of the potentiality of the band, organized a meeting with Simone Picco and Samuel Cremonesi. After a few months and the arrival of new drummer Francesco Valente, the new band Steel City was born. With Francesco joining the project, the band could get a renovated moral enthusiasm to create new songs, after some months spent discussing, in a mood not very suitable to compose. Soon, it became clear that the band had that "extra something" that allowed it to write modern songs, without forgetting the past. In fact, the band's goal is to be inspired by the 90's sound, contextualizing its harmony today. The number of live shows began to grow exponentially and so the complicity among the members of the new formation. At the end of 2011 the artistic differences pushed the lead singer, Simone Picco, into leaving the band; after a few weeks of testing and experimenting new songs sung in English, Steel City finally consolidated their long-awaited sound. A short time later, the band organized a rehearsal with Fabio Riccio, a crossover/new metal singer: that evening exceeded all expectations. In a short time the lyrics and the vocal lines were arranged and the band performed in several high-impact live shows, extremely appreciated by the audience. In the summer of 2012, the EP "Welcome to Steel City", which includes the first 6 works of the band, is published. In late summer, the band got in contact with logic(il)logic, a record label with which Steel City signed a contract and recorded the debut album "Now It's Time".


CD - NOW IT'S TIME - 2013


Badmotorfinger started their activity in 2006 as a cover band, from a concept idea by Mengoli brothers: Federico 'Heavyrico' and Alessandro 'Alex'. In 2007 Heavyrico was engaged by Tarchon Fist band and he came back in Badmotorfinger only in early 2011. From this moment, the band regained definitively one of its founders and the work restarted with renewed motivation and enthusiasm. Heavyrico himself proposed to work on several original songs composed by him: the band replied immediately with great energy and dedication. The first result was, in December 2011, the release of the promo cd 'Badmotorfinger' containing the songs “Beginning Of The End” and “Ride The Storm”. From here, the decision to definitively crumble their cover band tag and start a new adventure with their own music. Further motivated by the promo cd result, they decided to concentrate their efforts working on several new songs that became part of their first full-length album 'It’s Not The End', released through logic(il)logic Records in May 2013. During the promotion of the album, the line-up composed by Il Reverendo, Alex, Heavyrico, Tommy and Barra, performed an intense live activity, participating also in high level festivals. In January 2015 Il Reverendo was replaced by Luigi ‘Sange’ Sangermano (Sange:Main:Machine, ex Tarchon Fist) at vocals. Sange had previous musical experiences together with Heavyrico years before, and they maintained an artistic and friendly relationship through the years. Immediately the band started working on the new songs; the lyrics contribution by Viviana ‘Laviv’ Cappelli is essential. Several of these songs were already played at live performances, earning a lot of interest. So, for Badmotorfinger, the live activity is goin' on, and in the beginning of 2016 they decided to record a new EP.


CD - IT'S NOT THE END - 2013
EP - HEROES - 2016


Hex was formed in October 2011 by Jonas Hygren on vocals, Jerker Johansson on bass guitars, Micke Backelin (ex Lord Belial) on drums and Jörgen Svärd on lead guitars. The music style is a mix of metal, hard rock with a little touch of industrial elements in the form of samples and keyboards. In March 2012 the line-up was changed a bit, Jerker started to play the rhythm guitars and handed over the bass guitar to the new recruit Timo Hagström. Hex has now a complete line-up and is ready to play live and compose the first full-length album, that allowed its members to sign a deal with logic(il)logic Records.


CD - HEX - 2013



Nightglow saw the light in 2003 as an Heavy Metal band devoted to classic Metal Music, inspired by the English trend of the 80's and embellished with a more modern, sofisticated sound. In addition to its own pieces, Nightglow also offers covers of Iron Maiden, Metallica, Manowar, Megadeth, Gamma Ray, Black Sabbath and other big metal bands of the past. In summer 2006, Nightglow started a project as a tribute to the most powerful Heavy Metal band of all times: ManOwaR! In 2007, the band has been recognized as official Manowar tribute band by the Italian fan clubs Manowar Italia and Army Of Immortals, becoming the first one in Italy and Europe.In the same year, the second demo "Metanderthal, the Metal Age" was released featuring four new songs; it achieved outstanding success among audience, magazines and webzines. Nightglow boasts an average of 25-30 concerts per year on the most famous stages in Northern Italy and Europe and many collaborations with the best Italian metal bands and international artists such as Eric Martin, Fabio Lione, Kiko Loureiro and Rhino. 2010: major changes in Nightglow. Three mainstays left the band to pursue personal projects (Simone Rinaldini, Giovanni Stefani, Lucio Stefani). Two phenomenal artists took over the guitars: Andrea Moretti (already in the band for over a year) and Giulio Negrini, nationally known guitar-maker. The new "five-members-line-up" swept away any doubt about the future of the band: the band started playing far and wide with unanimous approval. With new energy and renewed passion, the five entered again the studio for their first full-length album, "We Rise".


CD - WE RISE - 2013


Hypnotheticall band is born in the winter of 1999 when some musicians and friends, always led through the years by guitarist Giuseppe Zaupa, decide to put together their numerous and heterogeneous musical ideas giving life to a varied type of music, very technical but emotional at the same time. The first result of Hypnotheticall's efforts is "In Need Of A God?", the first 3-track demo-CD of the band, recorded in February 2002. In the meantime, Hypnotheticall starts to perform them on stage. The great critics of the audience push the band and in April 2003 they record 6 new songs giving birth to "Thorns", Hypnotheticall's second self-produced mini-CD. After a period of two years far from the scene, marked by many changes in Hypnotheticall's musical direction and line-up, the band decides to start his official activity once again, replying on a renewed line-up, including Mirko Marchesini on rhythm and lead guitar, and on a new music proposal which takes inspiration from bands such as Tool, Meshuggah, King Crimson, A Perfect Circle, Porcupine Tree, Rush, Sieges Even and Pain Of Salvation. With these new, very good assumptions, the band produces and records his master CD "Promo 2006". At the beginning of 2008 the band starts experimenting a brand new sound with a new line-up which includes the bass player Luca Capalbo (ex Gory Blister) and the 2nd drummer Francesco Tresca (now also drummer of Italian heavy metal band Arthemis). The band decides to record the songs written and played live during this period to achieve the first official full-length album "Dead World", published by Polish prog metal label Insanity Records at the end of October 2009. After the success of this discographic deal, two members of the band (the band's first drummer Paolo Veronese & the singer Francesco Dal Barco) decide to leave the band with the aim to experiment other kinds of music. Then the band has found equilibrium and complicity with the young but nonetheless remarkable singer Marco Ciscato and with a new music instrument, keyboard, played by Davide Pretto. With all these novelties, the band's creativity takes place in the second official full-length album, recorded in Italy and mastered in London during the summer 2012, called "A Farewell To Gravity". The album, promoted by several videos, interviews and various concerts, most notably the Masters Of Rock Festival in Czech Republic, gets great response from fans and reviewers. In 2014 the band tackles the last change of skin becoming a four piece! Giuseppe Zaupa and Luca Capalbo square the circle by incorporating the technical and incisive style of drummer Giulio Cariolato and the versatile and charismatic vocals of Davide Pellichero! With this line-up, in February 2016 the band releases a new single entitled "Awake(ning)", jumping headlong into the writing of the third official full-length album which will see the light in 2017!




The band is inspired and influenced by artists such as Dream Theater, Symphony X, Kamelot, Queen, Ronnie James Dio, Jorn Lande, Pain of Salvation, Circus Maximus and Winger. It tries to create a personal sound, different from progressive and metal cliché and contaminated by pop, rock, latin and funk styles, influenced by soundtracks from action and adventure movies, with a unique attention to arrangements and sounds. With its music, strength, energy, the costumes used to perform and the catchy atmospheres, the band involves the audience and drags it to Echotime's world!


CD - GENUINE - 2013


Formed in 2005, Twintera graduated from the rank of garage band with the 2009 release of its 5-tracks ep, "Demotion", which saw the then sextet bring to light its original work in its first satisfactory attempt to create a truly personal heavy metal sound. The self-released ep quickly received reviews, including the recognition as "demo of the month" in the June 2012 edition of the prestigious Metal Hammer Magazine. Live shows in promotion of the record allowed Twintera the opportunity and honour to play alongside internationally renowned bands such as Evergrey, Pino Scotto, Vision Divine, White Skull, Adam Bomb, Crematory, Holy Moses, Trick or Treat and the Metal Gang (which features musicians from iconic Italian metal bands such as Vision Divine, Rhapsody, Sadist, Extrema and Labyrinth). Though the 2011 departure of keyboardist Mateo "Teddy" Bigon reduced the band to a quintet and deprived it of the versatile sound and support of the keys, Bigon's professionalism and friendship continue to inspire the band to compose great music.


CD - LINES - 2012


Cancrena come from southern Italy (Bari). They began in 2000 and, starting from fast and heavy riff guitars, they soon tried to play their own songs, influenced by great bands such as Pantera, Testament and Sepultura. After two years around festivals, contests and various live shows, a first change of line-up occurred (new bass player); after this, the band issued its first demo ("Cancrena", two songs recorded in 2003). Year 2005 saw, besides a new change of line-up, an heavy live activity and the recordngs of "Fears", a self-produced demo featuring 7 songs (first demo included). This demo made the band well-known, many good reviews in various webzines came out and Cancrena continued to play live everywhere in south/centre of Italy. During 2006, a new bass player joined in. A new Cancrena's demo "Underneath", recorded in October 2006 at "Golem Dungeon Studios" with Ottavio Marzo, is ready. On July 2008, Cancrena signed a deal with Vision Metal Records - Tennessee - U.S.A. VMR produced 2000 copies of "Underneath" with distribution in U.S.A. and U.K. In 2009 - 2012 Cancrena shared the stage with great Italian and international bans like Obituary, Extrema, Pino Scotto (ex-Vanadium), Finntroll , Vomitory, Malevolent Creations ,Paw Power and many more. In spring 2012 Cancrena completed recording, mixing and mastering the brand new album called "Hidden Depravity", 10 tracks of genuine southern thrash metal.




Midnite Sun's journey started in 2000 with the band immediately busy in its own first live experiences. After some line-up changes, the band stabilized in 2003 and focused its goal on composing original tunes; it earned its first discographic deal in 2005 with the Italian label Adrenaline Records to publish "Groovin' Sexplosion", the first official studio album world wide distributed. To promote the record, the band started an intense live activity and through many headliner gigs in the most important Italian's club had the possibility to play as the opening act for names like: U.D.O., Oliver Dawson's Saxon, Ian Paice, Dare, John Lawton. In 2007, Midnite Sun started its first European tour opening for reunited House Of Lords and playing in some of the most important European clubs, an experience repeated during 2008. In 2009 drummer Mike Galletto (Replosion) joined the band and Midnite Sun was chosen to open Italian gigs of Lynch Mob and Tim "Ripper" Owens. The band finally signed a deal with logic(il)logic Records and entered Atomic Stuff Studios to record its second full-length. After the recordings, Uncle Sappa (The Unripes, Sutuana) replaced Marco Morelli on bass.on of the solidity of their musical proposal!




"Jester In Brick Lane" is the first album by Yerbadiablo, an Italian group formed in 2010. It's not easy to describe "Jester In Brick Lane" because its chameleon-like qualities place it among those albums that are hard to classify and are often tagged as "eclectic": the most obvious reasons for this varied expression can clearly be found in a personal need for a total stylistic freedom and an innate aversion to all forms of standardization. This is linked to an even deeper reason in turn related to the very meaning of the album and is symbolized perfectly in the figure of the jester, the eclectic and eccentric character whose presence is felt throughout the 13 tracks. The jester unsettles, provokes and hypnotizes the listener, he probes the depths of his or her soul and shakes the foundations of their emotions and darkest fears. The general theme centers on modern Man's arrogance towards natural and spiritual phenomena, but also towards more material issues such as the society and economy that he claims to control; the intrinsic message of "Jester In Brick Lane" targets Man's individuality, but also his oneness with the rest of the cosmos, to enable him to rediscover the ancestral link with the ineluctable Mother Earth. The objective is ultimately the reawakening of the collective conscience. To achieve this, the songs' lyrics voice the jester's mind to fiercely attack Man and, particularly, the false values that regulate human society and cause social, economic and racial inequality. Modern man's fragility and weakness are brought pitifully to light: the jester should thus be considered a somewhat mysterious narrator with an active though undeclared role in matters. He takes on many guises in the songs, he not only embodies real characters, but also judgment and divine justice, our conscience, ego, fears, our deepest emotions, as well as the phenomena of the natural world: he represents the "whole", he's the bridge between apparently distant genres and, one by one, he links together the 13 tracks with meticulous and diabolical patience. To define "Jester In Brick Lane" as a hard rock album would be simplistic. In fact, it dynamically alternates between Punk, Reggae, Hardcore, Rock'n'roll, Psychedelia, Noise, Funk, Tribal, Country and various sound experiments. However, aside from the music, I believe the album's real strength lies in the issues it deals with and its symbolism. "Jester In Brick Lane"is an album of its time, a time of profound uncertainty, due to an economic global crisis, but also due to the progressive impoverishment of the collective conscience and fear of a different future. The track list was devised to create food for thought for attentive listeners and demolish their enduring false certainties. By listening to the whole album, you get a round-the-world trip through the beliefs, traditions and rituals of peoples who are apparently distant from one another, although all are part of the same planet Earth, where boundaries are a mere human convention that enables the tyrannical to get rich at the expense of the weak.




The band's history starts in 2006, when the singer Federico Cardinale and the guitar player Andrea Machetta try to give life to a musical project called Dovetail in order to express their common passion for rock and metal sonorities. After some home-recording experiences, the situation moves on in 2009 when Andrea and Federico find the members to complete the line up: Anselmo Zoccali (drums), Fabrizio Di Munno (rhythm guitar), Andrea Traversa (bass guitar). After few months, the band changes its name in DieVanity and records its first work: an EP entitled "Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear". The band's style is a dynamic mix of strong guitar riffs and fascinating melodic lines and collects positive opinions, sometimes even enthusiastic, from music press. After the release of the EP, the band starts an intensive live activity throughout Italy and has the opportunity to share the stage with bands of undisputed reputation, like the Italian band No Speech and the Finnish band Negative. The concerts go on during all 2011, but this doesn't prevent the band from dedicating an important part of the year to write its second work, that will come out in June 22, 2012: "Ordinary Death Of Something Beautiful", a full-length album composed by 11 tracks, which should represent a sound evolution, with a lot of surprises regarding style and melody, and at the same time a confirmation of the solidity of their musical proposal!




Synful Ira features Fabio Balducci (Ancient Bards) on guitar and Marco Renzi (Absynth Aura) on drums. Synful Ira was born in April 2007, by the original idea of Fabio and Laura Balducci (guitars). It all began as an Evanescence's and Nightwish's tribute band. In September 2010 the band decided to leave the original tribute project by presenting his first promo cd: "The Hard Reality". In April 2011 Synful Ira, at the Doctor Studios in Bologna with Roberto Priori, began the recording of the full-length album.





Motorfingers was born in 2008 with the intentions of playing original tunes sung in English and inspired by the most intense rock spirit and love for overseas rock music. The band was founded in Modena, Italy, by tight-knit guitarists Max Barbolini and Andrea "Spy" Spezzani. After several line-up changes, singer Claudio "Clay" Corrado became a member of the band, as well as Mauree "NOX" Novelli on bass and Alex Gualdi on drums. It's difficult to place them in a specific musical genre, their music combines intense melodies with heavy guitars, ranging from wonderful ballads to harder and more aggressive tracks, which evoke some kind of rock/metal Made in USA. In 2008 Motorfingers released the first EP "MSC", containing 4 tracks; 2 of them "Hole In The Sun" and "Living Desire" are included in the soundtrack of the movie "Spark Preludio", directed by Domenico Guidetti. An intense live activity followed, with shows in some of the most famous Italian rock-clubs, sharing the stage with many established artists like Killing Touch and Pino Scotto. In 2010 the band recorded "Brand New Skin", another mini-EP, in which the songs "Rain" by The Cult and "Give Into Me" by Michael Jackson were revisited and reinterpreted. In 2011 they entered the studio again to record their new LP "Black Mirror", containing 9 previously unreleased tracks: the album saw the light of the day on May 21st, 2012, through logic(il)logic Records. "Black Mirror" is welcomed and positively reviewed by many webzines and magazines including the legendary "Metal Hammer". The promotional activity in support of the album brought Motorfingers on the stage of the prestigious festival "Masters of Rock" in the Czech Republic. At the beginning of 2014 Mauree left the band and the role of bass player is taken by Faust (ex Golden Sextion). A year later Clay left his place behind the microphone to Abba (Nightglow) and the band started a proficuous collaboration in terms of concerts and songwriting. In December 2015 Motorfingers entered the studio to record the new album "Goldfish Motel".




In-Sight was born as a Swedish Death Metal band in 1996, on Gianluca Melchiori's initiative. Gianluca (or Mek, as everybody knows him) is the current drummer and remains the linchpin around which, through the years, different line-ups have joined together. For over 10 years, In-Sight has performed in several venues in northern and central Italy and also in Switzerland. The band released 3 self-produced EP's: "The Experiment", "Infection Of Mind" and "Endorsed By Hate". After this last work, the band experienced a temporary lull, successfully overcome in the summer of 2009, when Mek decided to readjust the whole line-up and to enroll the current members of the band: Emanuela Antonelli as female vocalist, Andrea Pecora as male vocalist, Mattia Stilo on guitar and Cesare Montagner on bass. Enhanced with a renewed spirit and creative energy, In-Sight immediately started writing new songs that show a more melodic inspiration, thanks to the introduction of female vocals beside the male growl. After a successful meeting with Eddy Cavazza and Dualized, in the spring of 2011, In-Sight recorded the debut album "From The Depths" with DysFUNCTION Productions and, one year later, signed with logic(il)logic Records. At the beginning of 2012, the line-up was completed by Riccardo Picchi entering the band as second guitar player.




The band was born in 2007, when Michelangelo Naldini (drums) and Tony La Blera (bass) met. After an intense writing phase, the two of them, along with and thanks to singer Matteo Brozzi entering the band (initially called Last Vegas), brought to life their first demo. The demo was distributed in several underground venues with huge success, confirmed also by the band's ability to carry out live performances. When the band started writing the material for its first record, it experienced two major changes: guitarists Gabriele Tassara and Giovanni Marchi joined the band and then its name changed to Violet Gibson. It took almost 2 years to complete the writing and recording process of the album, which includes 12 "never-before" published compositions and the band's cover of the renowned song by Stevie Wonder "Superstition". The record is called "American Circus" and was recorded at Studio 73 (Extrema, At the Soundawn, The Hormonauts), mixed at MB Studios by Mike Bettali and then masterized at Studio 73, under Riccardo "Paso" Pasini's supervision.




Golden Sextion is an hard rock band founded in Modena in 2007 by Faust and Loose: their aim is to create modern and sophisticated songs, trying to merge at best their influences to impress the audience and to gain more and more fans! The line-up stabilizes in 2009, and sees Fabio Dessi (Fabian) on vocals, Fausto Giovannini (Faust) on bass, Andrea Lusenti (Loose) on guitars and Gianvittorio Vandelli (Jean) on drums: the guys quickly obtain approval and support from a growing fan base, and decide together to enter the studio to record their first album, "The Silicon Age". The album contains a concentrate of emotions and points of view of four boys who deeply believe in what they do, and want to invite you to join the Golden Sextion's family. Close your eyes and take a deep breath… welcome to The Silicon Age!




The band Ratzmataz started in April 2006 from the great passion for r'n'r' shared by Martino Pighi (drums) and Loris Marchiori (guitar and vocals) over the last ten years. For this reason they formed a power trio playing solid hard rock from the 70's. The third member to join the band was Diego Franchini (bass and background vocals). This line-up worked hard on song-writing and the first eight tracks were finished in less than one month. During that summer Ratzmataz started performing in live shows and opened for the renewed band Small Jackets; the live tour continued in many pubs/clubs around Verona till April 2007. In winter 2008 Ratzmataz produced their first demo, which was distributed to the audience for free during their live shows and presented it during the radio show "Rock Legend" by RCS . At the end of 2009, Diego Franchini left the band and Ratzmataz decided to take a long break to find a new bassist. After a long research Alberto Bianchi, a talented and experienced bass player fond of funky and jazz rhythm, was chosen. The band began to work together with a new and fresh enthusiasm and, after a couple of trial gigs to test the band's chemistry, Ratzmataz were invited to open the tour date in Verona for Rain - a band from Bologna which had just returned from a tour in the US with W.A.S.P. . To this day the trio has performed over a hundred gigs between pubs and festivals, being appreciated a lot not only in the area of Verona but also in Padova, Vicenza, Prato, Parma, Bologna, Brescia and Trento.




Absynth Aura were officially born in 2007, when Claudia "Klod" Saponi worked in close collaboration with Michele "Dr.Viossy" Vioni (Killing Touch, Mr. Pig) and Giorgio "JT" Terenziani (Killing Touch, Mr. Pig) to release the song "Will is Power" for the "Virus-Free Generation" show. Marco "Mark" Renzi joined the team and Absynth Aura were born. A great alchemy among the 4 musicians came up and they all knew that was just the beginning. Absynth Aura recorded a 5-songs EP for online distribution and obtained a great download rate and very positive reviews. The first agreement's offers came up. In a short period of time Absynth Aura play on Rock Tv, shot a promo video of the first release of "Desert Flower" and play some very important italian venues. Time had come for a full-length album! Absynth Aura started working on their own Music, creating and sculpturing every detail with passion: words, arrangements, sound, production. It was a long and tough way, 'cause every member wanted to give his best and took no less! In 2011, mixing and mastering were completed and "Unbreakable", the first album, was ready to be released. It's a "Manifesto" of how the band wants to be and communicate. Deep and profound lyrics that have a great emotional impact and talk to every person. Meticulously-crafted arrangements, a modern and neat sound, where every member of the band has a leading role, to emphasize the band as a whole. Absynth Aura took different influences from Soul to Funk, from Pop to Prog, and maintain a very neat Hard Rock imprinting, to give birth to an unique sound. Absynth Aura are hardly labeled, but easily appealing.




The Swedish horror-punk band Ragdolls was founded in 2007, when Vikki Violence had enough of all the boring hardcore/emo/metal music that was going on in his small hometown Varberg. He wanted to create something new, mix old stuff with new stuff, shock people with twisted lyrics and weird stage behaviour. The band's original members from this time were: Vikki Violence on guitar and vocal, Dr. Kratz on bass and Drae Toxx on drums. The band did some gigs all around Sweden, wrote a couple of songs and recorded a demo named (short and simple) "Ragdolls", but at the end of the year the band split up. Vikki wanted to keep on writing music but none of the original members wanted to re-unite the band; he met Chx at a party, talked about Ragdolls and Chx really wanted to be a part of it. They discussed it all over for some time and in summer 2009 they recorded a seven-tracks Ep named "Drink, Dig, Die". Later on an old childhood friend, Damaged L, just left his band and was looking for something new to do, he called Vikki up and asked if he could be part of the band; in winter they found their drummer, Broken Bridget. After that, all the pieces fell on the right place and Ragdolls now had a full line-up again. This was something new, nothing like the old stuff. Pre-production of the upcoming album was recorded, gigs all over Sweden were made, stage shows like you've never seen before, just sit and wait. So if you ever see a band wearing dresses and pantyhose with plateau boots, soaking themselves in water and other kinds of liquids, with toys, chainsaws and tombstones on stage, screaming and acting really weird, and rocking the hell out of their songs, it's just Ragdolls!





Hollywood Killerz is a glam punk band from Torino, Italy. Inspired by life, sex and death, they combine a variety of sounds that are refreshingly dissimilar into a brew of hard rock and punk for good measure.
Sleazy, dirty and hateful: imagine Dead Boys jamming with Faster Pussycat, and soon after partying with Mötley Crüe. You got the picture. Hollywood Killerz always hit the stage hard, playing hi-voltage, lo-school, IQ-barbeque live shows.
If you want pure loud glam punk, you got it.




THE SOVRAN formed back in September 1997 but the band truly got themselves into gear in march 1998 when, achieving a stable line-up, they released the first demo named "Black Rock", their first raw piece of heavy metal/punk in Venom, Motorhead style. After that release the band decided to stop. THE SOVRAN was reformed in 2003 and released the second demo-cd "Hooligans", getting amazing feedback from fans and magazines. During 2003 the band supported some underground bands and international acts like Paul Di Anno. In the following years they released some promo cds: "Cobra"(2004), "Secret Agent"(2005). In the summer of 2006 the band released the 9tx promo-cd "City Kills". The new sound was a personal mixture of all their influences, from high energy rock'n roll to punk to gothic 'n wave. - "....probably sounds like motorhead meeting killing joke" – Cpt. T (vocalist and guitars) -. The promo cd “City Kills” was mostly enthusiastically reviewed and many people consider this new chapter as the highlight of the band. During the winter of 2007 THE SOVRAN started their extensive promotion plan for the last promo cd by supporting some underground Italian acts and playing in some festival like the Total Metal Festival with Rage and Dark Funeral. A few months later in November 2007 THE SOVRAN are back again in the studio and recorded the 9tx promo-cd “The Sovran Is Dead”. In winter 2008 the band played some gigs with Italian underground acts like Natron, Dome La Muerte and the Diggers, Rain and also supported the legendary Italian rocker Pino Scotto on his Italian “Datevi Fuoco Tour”.







.....DUSTINEYES are the worst company you can find for the night, be sure. Just four alcohol fueled, Rock ‘n’ Roll maniacs who play louder as they can: call their music Hard Rock, call it Punk, call it Heavy Metal or just don’t care about the names but care about their noise.
Dust brothers started in the end of ‘90 as a horror punk trio named Split, in 2000 they got their first deal with InsideOut Records and they release the first full lenght album “Rebel Moster”. Due to line-up changes the guys stopped for a while. In 2005 the band got back his balls (adding a couple of headless bastards to the original line-up) and started to hit stage like never before. Followed 4-years-4 of gigs, broken strings, booze, hangovers and backstage friendships (if you know what I mean...). On 2008 they released worldwide the second album “Next Stop Hell” via Sliptrick Records from New York -U.S.A.- and they toured all over Italy and Europe sharing the stage with bands like L.A. Guns, Hardcore Superstar, Pretty Boy Floyd, Tuff, Crystal Pistol, Necrodeath and many more...
D.I.E. are now working on the new album, the third, and they are ready to kick you fat ass again. And again, and again...




2005. October 31rst . A group of dement rockers called Morphina was supposed to play at a silly Halloween party in a dirty pub. The four guys never reached their destination. Instead of them, four fresh dead corpses dressed with rubbish reached the pub. Their exibition was the most disgusting and shoking thing that the few customs had ever seen...nobody will ever forget the sex blood and rock'n roll show of the band whose name is SUPERHORRORFUCK!
December 2009. A Police Sergent who was investigating on the case of the disappeared boys gets really near to the truth and...disappears himself too! At the same time a new zombie takes his place in the inquired band...the mistery goes on!








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